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Our quality recognitions

All our laboratories are NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 :2005 accredited to insure you :

  • Traceability and great analysis reliability
  • The use of normalized and accredited methods

We perform more than 200 analytical parameters under COFRAC accreditation :


For the food processing

  • LAB GTA 25/program 119 (physical and chemical analysis to determine the composition, quality and technological standards, and dietary labelling)/bread and millingproducts analysis (tender wheat, flour, other products made from wheat)
  • Program 60 : Dietary labelling of aliments and dietetic food
  • Program 61 : Dairy products analysis
  • Program 80 : Chemical analysis of meats / meat based products / fishing products
  • Program 82 : Fatty substances (from animals and vegetables) analysis
  • HP AA : Fatty acids dosing (profiling) in food-processing matrices
  • Program 118 : Chemical analysis of sweet products
  • Program 119 : Analysis of tender wheat, flour and other products made from wheat
  • LAB GTA 78/Program 98 : Analysis of beer, brewing barley, malt, crude grains and hop
  • LAB GTA 59 : Microbiological analysis of food products
  • Program 167 : Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy detection analysis using fast tests
  • LAB GTA 29/water sampling and physico-chemical tests on water on site

For the contaminants

  • LAB GTA 21/99-1 : fumosins B1 and B2 dosing on corn-based food.
    Flexible field : cereals mycotoxins/cereals by-products and beer
  • Lab GTA 56/99-2 : pesticides residue dosing
    Flexible field : pesticide residue research in fruits, vegetables, cereals and by-products
  • Program 99-3 : dosing of trace elements (heavy metals)

For the molecular biology analysis 

  • Program LAB GTA 02 flexible field : GMO corn, soya
  • Program 159 : Analysis in plant mycology

For the hydrology

  • LAB GTA 29 : Chemical analysis of clean waters
  • LAB GTA 23 : Microbiological analysis of clean and sampled waters (Including analysis and sampling of legionella)

For the sensory analysis

  • Program 133 : performance of consumer tests and sensory profiles

The accreditation certificates of all our laboratories are available on the website : www.cofrac.fr

  • Qualtech Laboratory in Vandoeuvre les Nancy : certificate nr 1-0248
  • Agrobio Laboratory in Vezin le Coquet (Rennes) : certificate nr 1-1982
  • Agrobio Laboratory in Damigny (Alençon) : certificate nr 1-1829
  • Agrobio Laboratory in Bar le Duc : certificate nr 1-1803
  • Adour Bio Conseil (ABioC) Laboratory in Arzacq : certificate nr 1-0905