Un groupement de 3 laboratoires pour un éventail d’analyses et de services encore plus diversifié… En savoir plus

Meats and meat products

Thanks to the partnership that Qualtech has developed with the pork sector and its representative, the INPAQ (Pork Interprofessional of Aquitaine), we can offer you a full range of specific analytical services :

    • Self-control : verification of product conformity according to regulatory standards
    • Bacteriological quality control on anyfood product : research of pathogenic germs, hygiene indicator germs, research of technologically interesting germs (pseudomona, leuconostocs, …)Beef steak medium grilled, isolated on white background
    • DLC validation

The ARZACQ laboratory (ABIOC) has developed and implemented fast identification methods for pathogenic germs ((E. COLI O104 H4, E COLI O157 H7…) using molecular biology.

In this context we also perform species analysis by molecular biology.