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Physicochemical analysis

This is a non exhaustive list of analysis, we remain available to answer your demands.

Benzoic acid and sorbic acid 
Sorbic acid (sorbates)
Total acidity (exp. in citric ac. )
Detection and dosing of food colouring :               
1 colouring
2 to 4 colourings
2 colourings
Ashes content determining (meat-fish products method)
Chlorides content determining 
Mineral impurities content determining – sands – gravels
Fat content determining
Nitrates / nitrites content determination
Proteins content determination (meat-fish products method)
Acidity determining
Humidity determining (meat-fish products method)
Percent of stringy green beans determining
Percent of draining liquid determining : minced and mashed spinach
Weight determining of defective elements (quality standards)
Net quantity and drained net quantity of vegetable cans
Sugars dosing HPLC method
Refractometric dry extract (= Brix)
Measure of the internal depression in vegetable cans
Dimensional measures (calibre)
pH (fruits and vegetables by-products)
Sugars profiles ( including  plain and %  fructose, glucose, maltose, saccharose, total measurable sugars, reductive sugars, inverted sugars)
Nitrates content (exp in NaNO3)  / nitrites (exp in NaNO2) (Any product)
Total sulfites content   (exp. in total SO2)
Stability control of can products  :
Drying stability control (except microscopic inspection)
Drying stability control (with microscopic inspection)
Complementary analysis on cans or mashed vegetables
Acidity (exp in oleic acid) (on extracted fat) or Free Fatty Acid
Chlorides (exp. in % Nacl)
Quality standards
Appearing density
Dimensions, calibre
Lactose dosing (mash containing milk)
Peroxide index (on extracted fat)
Net weight
Cholesterol content
Total sulfites content  (exp. in total SO2)
Oxide triglycerides ( TGO on extracted fat) or polar composition
Physicochemical analysis on fruits
Titratable acidity determining
Refractometric index of syrup determining
Determining of the proportions of the various components of fruit mix cans
Determining of net quantities and drained net quantities of fruit cans
Weight determining of defective elements (quality standard)
Chloride content determining
Measure of the internal depression in fruit cans
Dimensional measures(calibre)
Stability control of can products :
Draining stability control (with microscopic inspection)
Draining stability control (except microscopic inspection)
Visual control
Titratable acidity control
Sugars dosing (juice)
Measure of internal depression
Jar security
Total sulfite content (exp. in total SO2)