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Beer analysis

This is a non exhaustive list of analysis, we remain available to answer your demands.

Beer C0CBI_00290 Total acidity titrimetry
Beer C0CBI_00120 Air in collar EBC 11.2.1
Beer C0CBI_00025 Alcohol < 1% EBC 9.3 (enzymatic)
Beer C0CBI_00020 Alcohol by distillation and 20°C density EBC 9.2.1 YES
Beer C5KML_AL001 Aluminium (aluminium content) ICP-MS
Must C0CMO_00040 Bitterness titrimetry
Beer C0CBI_00030 Bitterness EBC 9.8 YES
Beer C1BBC_00040 Arabinoxylans (arabinoxylan content) Internal spectrophotometric method
Must C0CMO_00020 Maximal attenuation EBC 8.6
Beer C0CBI_00110 Maximal attenuation EBC 9.7 YES
Beer C0CBI_00240 Free amino nitrogen EBC 9.10 continuous flow
Must C0CMO_00050 Free amino nitrogen EBC 9.10 continuous flow
Beer C0CBI_00260 Beta-glucans EBC 9.31.2
Beer C0CBI_00070 Brightness (24h at 25°C) EBC 9.29 YES
Beer C0CBI_00090 Brightness at 0°C internal method
Beer C0CBI_00080 Brightness at 8°C internal method
Beer C5KMN_CA001 Calcium (calcium content) ICP-MS
Beer C0CBO_00140 CO2 (CO2 content) Cannizzaro
Beer C0CBI_00060 CO2 (CO2 content) manometric OUI
Must C0CMO_00070 Colour EBC EBC 8.5
Beer C0CBI_00040 Colour EBC EBC 9.6 spectrophotometry YES
Beer C5KML_CU001 Copper (copper content) ICP-MS
Beer C0CBI_00390 Corrected Brix degree on alcoholic beverages distillation + refractometry
Beer C0CBO_00070 Density EBC 9.43.2 electronic densimetry
Beer C0BBI_00101 Diacetyl and other dicetons EBC 9.24.2 GC
Must C0BMO_00102 Diacetyl and other dicetons EBC 9.24.2 GC
Beer C0CBI_00100 Diacetyl and other dicetons EBC 9.24.1
Must C0CMO_00100 Diacetyl and other dicetons EBC 9.24.1
Beer C0BCI_01001 Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) GC
Beer C0CBI_00010 Visible extract, real extract, primitive must density, alcohol, visible attenuation* EBC 9.4
Must C0CMO_00010 Must extract internal method
Beer Iron (iron content) EBC 9.13.1
Beer C5KML_FE001 Iron (iron content) ICP-MS
Beer C0CBI_00500 Gushing (predictive spurting test on beer) internal method
Beer C0CBI_00400 Fat matters (CEE method using petrol ether hydrolyse) Directive 84/4/CEE
Beer C0CBO_00190 Methanol GC
Beer C5PBO_00420 Methanol and superior alcohols GC
Beer C0CBI_00370 Nitrates on beer enzymatic
Beer Nitrates on various enzymatic
Beer C0CBI_00380 Nitrites (nitrites content) internal method
Beer C0BCI_13001 Nitrosamines (NDMA) GC-MS
Beer C0CBI_00140 O2 (dissolved O2 content on beer) EBC 9.37 (electrochemical method)
Must C0CMO_00030 pH EBC 8.17 YES
Beer C0CBI_00050 pH EBC 9.35
Beer C1BBC_00050 Amino acids profile option 1 (aspartic acid, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, arginine, threonine, alanine, proline, cysteine, tyrosine, valine, methionine, lysine, isoleucine, leucide and phenylalanine) HPLC-fluorimetry
Beer C1BBC_00051 Amino acids profile option 2 (Option 1+ asparagine, glutamine and tryptophane) HPLC-fluorimetry
Beer C3BVN_00051 Sugars profile (fructose, glucose, maltose, maltotriose, maltotetraose, maltopentaose, arabinose, xylose) HPLC
Beer Volatile compounds profile GC-FID
Beer C0CBI_00150 Total polyphenols EBC 8.12 / EBC 9.11
Must C0CMO_00120 Total polyphenols EBC 8.12 / EBC 9.11
Must C0CMO_00055 Soluble proteins on must EBC 4.9.1 Kjeldahl
Beer C0CBI_00250 Total proteins EBC 9.9.1 Kjeldahl
Must C0CMO_00060 Total proteins EBC 9.9.1 Kjeldahl
Must C0CMO_00080 Must saccharification EBC 8.6
Must C5KMO_00200 Saccharose + glucose + maltose enzymatic
Beer C0CBI_00160 SO2 (SO2 content) EBC 9.25.1
Beer SO2 (SO2 content) Monier-Williams method
Beer C0CBI_00201 Colloidal stability – Cycle II EBC 9.30
Beer C0CBI_00200 Colloidal stability (colloidal stability test (60°C, 0°C)) EBC 9.30
Beer C0CBI_00395 Total sugars EBC 9.26
C0CBI_00170 Foam conduct NIBEM
Beer C0CBI_00210 Test EBC 2 EBC 9.30
Must COCMO_00150 Must turbidity EBC 9.29
Beer C0CVN_00100 Energy value According to reference method
Beer Type 2 nutritional value According to reference method
Must C0CMO_00090 Viscosity EBC 4.8 YES
Beer C0CBI_00220 Viscosity EBC 9.38 YES
Beer C0CBI_00130 Volume per bottle EBC 11.3.1 YES