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Barley, Malt, Beer and Beverages

List of analysis

Thanks to its close synergy with the IFBM, to its development service and to its high technology laboratory equipment, QUALTECH offers you permanently renewed services adapted to the expectations of the sector and according to the regulatory evolutions.

QUALTECH advises you in the making of your control plans and helps you to interpret the results (conformity towards the terms of reference) thanks to its knowledge of the brewery barley and of the transformation process in malting brewery.

We provide you a complete range of analytic services :

  • Referential technological analysis, specific of the barley malt and beer sector (gradings and sortings, friability, beta-glucans, germinative energy, diastasic power, arabinoylans, free amino nitrogen of malt, gushing, TEPRAL brew, DMS precursor, EBC color, KZ color, total and soluble proteins with Kolbach index, brightness, bitterness, diacetyl, early flocculation test on yeast, sugar profiles, amino acids profiles, volatile compounds profiles, etc…)
  • Development and monitoring of surveillance plans for organic and chemical contaminants (classic mycotoxins, emerging mycotoxins, phyto sanitary products residues, heavy metals, NDMA, PAH, biogenic amines, 3 MCPD, Acrylamide,…)
  • Variety identification on barley and malt by molecular biology (PCR and QPCR)
  • GMO search by molecular biology (PCR)
  • Fusarium and other moistures identification by molecular biology (PCR and QPCR)
  • Allergens, So2 and gluten research
  • Nutritional analysis, conformity of the packaging
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Etc…

We have a beer expert panel (descriptive and discriminative studies) for the development and optimization of your recipes.

Our development teams are available to advise you.


In complete safety…

Qualtech, which uses analytical methods acknowledged by the whole sector is moreover :

Approved by the Paris syndicate of business and industry of cereals, at the technical addendum IV, for the trade of brewing barleys

Among the many certifications (see list of analysis) earned, Qualtech is specifically certified for the Cofrac number 98 program : “analyses of beers, malts, malting barleys, grains and hops” according to the referential ISO CEI 17025

Qualtech is an active member of different inter-laboratories structures, including the IFBM and BIPEA structures.





…And using international recognition

Qualtech guarantees the quality of merchandises in commercial transaction of cereals in France and for export.

Qualtech makes more than 25% of its revenue in foreign countries

Qualtech takes part in the work of public and private, national and international organizations.