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Dietary supplements

The QUALTECH group offers a range of specific analytical services.

In this context the protocols and methods are built closely with you in order to exactly meet the objectives of your researches and developments.

Our expertise can be used for the R&D department, the quality control and the marketing of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic societies.

We can provide you :

  • The analysis of bioactive compounds in your ingredients, aliments and dietary supplements (Polyphenols, carotenoids, vitamins, polycosanols…)
  • The volumetric analysis of specific molecules (stevia, ginsenosids, monacolin K…)
  • The measure of the antioxidant power (ORAC method)
  • The microbiology (European Pharmacopoeia method of alimentary methods)
  • The development and validation of new methods (According to the ICH standards)
  • An analytical assistance


To provide these services we have established at Rennes a team and advanced analytical tools to satisfy your needs.

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